Shanghai Zhicheng New Materials Co., Ltd.  is IMD (In Mould Decoration- inner mold decoration) professional production company, engaged in a variety of innovative, environmentally friendly decorative plastic parts design, development and production, such as automotive dial, car dashboards and portfolio walnut wood trim, touch-screen control instruments, mobile phone casing and buttons, all kinds of home appliance control panels, appliance housings and other decorative pieces, aims for cars, control instruments, mobile communications, telecommunications and electronic enclosures and all kinds of home appliances enterprises to provide quality products and services.
With the rapid development and product quality automotive, telecommunications, home appliances and other industries with international requirements, people on all kinds of decorative plastic parts have become increasingly demanding, traditional plastic or foil surface printing method in beautiful, durable, environmental protection, etc. aspects can not meet the requirements of the times. IMD adopt new technology based on user requirements: film printing – high temperature and pressure forming – plastic one film forming, printing group symbol trim inlay between thin films and plastics, bright colors, wear-resistant, and environmentally friendly.
IMD technology is a new decorative plastic molding process, at present, Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries has been widely used IMD craft production of decorative plastic products and applications in various fields. The company is specialized in the use of IMD craft decorative plastic parts production enterprises, has a group of excellent decoration IMD leading technical personnel, and by the Australian international standards seriously Ltd ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification, who Little Swan Washing Machine, Mitsubishi elevator, Courier Ltd. and other household electrical appliance enterprises development and production of IMD decorative accessories; for Shanghai Omron automation Instrumentation has developed automated instrumentation touchscreen; and the first in the development and production of the Buick LaCrosse, GM – Gold, Chevrolet – Epica IMD and other car spare parts, superior quality, sincere service, a majority of home appliances, car companies trust IMD products provider.

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